Hotel Montagne
– a proud history

Hotel Montagne was finished in 1862. Now the building has been renovated, it’s been given new life and elements of modernity. But we have kept the feeling of the past – of our proud history. We want your experience here to be characterized by personal service and care. You should feel at home.

2023 – a new beginning

Our brick-decorated property is a source of pride for the old working community of Åmmeberg – an imprint from the 1860s. Today the hotel is newly renovated, but the feeling from the past lives on. We have made room for new experiences and memories with the historic charm preserved. Look outside the hotel window and witness the old bowling alley, the water tower, and the locomotive shed. Then you’re witnessing traces from the 19th century when the mining company Vielle Montagne built up Åmmeberg.

Vielle Montagne purchases Åmmeberg

In connection to the Belgian group Vieille Montagne purchasing Åmmeberg and surrounding mines, a large-scale social transformation begins. Vielle Montagne builds homes, hospitals, schools, railways, a port – and this hotel.



The hotel starts receiving guests

We are proud to be one of Sweden’s oldest hotels still running. As early as 1862, the hotel began to receive guests. For a hundred years, Hotel Montagne functions as a place for conferences, casino nights, and a hotel for visiting workers from the mining company Vielle Montagne.

We purchase Hotel Montagne

We purchase Hotel Montagne and begin planning our new vision for the hotel – a vision with heart and soul. We want to offer our guests something special and create a place for everything. Åmmeberg is growing, and we want Hotel Montagne to follow.



The new vision turns into reality

The hotel undergoes a large renovation and modernization before the reopening. We keep the feeling of Åmmeberg and Hotel Montagne’s proud history, but we furnish and renovate the building to become a modern and comfortable place for our guests.

Hotel Montagne reopens

Hotel Montagne is ready to welcome guests again. With the hotel’s historic charm preserved, we have made room for new experiences and memories. Welcome!


An extraordinary
hotel visit

Staying at Hotel Montagne stands out from your stays at other hotels. It’s a place for everyone. And for everything. At Hotel Montagne, you can relax, discover, laugh, and meet people. We want you to remember your stay and look forward to your next visit.

With ancestry
from 1862